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Global Like's Privacy Policy

Global Like provides a fully safe, secure and private buying experience. We are fully committed to it. Read on to learn the various factors covered in the privacy policy of our company.

Collecting of private information:
When we are collecting personal information, we enquire about the purpose of the information. We ask the client how they want it to be used for their own benefit. After this, the information is collected and used with the consent of the client. All this is done according to the required and appropriate law.

Retention of the personal information:
The personal information that is collected is kept only for as long as is required for the purpose of the collection has been achieved. All personal information is collected according to the applicable law. Moreover, it is collected with the consent of the owner where applicable.

The information is collected to the extent that is required for the original purposes to be achieved. In addition to that, all information is kept up to date and updated. All personal information is kept secure from unauthorized access, replication or uses In addition to that, all legally recognized safeguards are used to protect this information.

Policies and procedures:
The procedures that are used to manage the personal information of all clients are made available to them. The managers of the social media information stay committed to the policies so as to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.