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Global Like's Terms Of Service

Our integrity and your privacy are very important to us. Henceforth, we have created a policy in order for you to have knowledge and understanding as to what we offer, collect, utilize and communicate as well as disclosure of your personal information. We are presenting our outline accordingly.

Upon signing a contract with us, we offer : after 30 Day  100% Money back guarantee. For any reason, if any of your social media platform page likes or followers drop, Just inbox us then, we will fix to that by our guaranteed 30 days Free 100% Replacement Guarantee.

At the current time of data collection which will include personal information, we will present and acknowledge the reasoning why data is being collected. The collection of data, including but not limited to personal information will be used only with the objective of fulfilling those needs as listed by us and for other acknowledging purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the person concerned or as requested or required by law or as a result of any other legal obligation.

We will only withhold personal information for as long as necessary or fulfill that particular reasoning. We collect information by lawful and fair tactics and where logically, the knowledge or consent of the person involved. Personal data should be relevant to the reasoning in which it is to be utilized and to the specified purpose, should also be correct, complete and current. We will protect all personal information by common and reasonable security regimens against theft or loss, and also as unauthorized access, copying or infringement, disclosure, utilization and modifying of such information.

We will always make current and readily available all or any information pertaining to our policies and practices within the management realm of personal or specified information. We are fully committed to conducting business in correlation with these principles to ensure the confidentiality of all or any personal information that is protected and adhered to.